I Miss Thailand

I try to stop eating sweet things. But, I sometimes still eat chocolate. I especially love this bounty chocolate bar with coconut inside. It’s so delicious! I love anything coconut. I will buy anything with coconut flavour, such as chocolate, yogurt. Well, I guess because I come from a coconut land, Thailand, so I love anything coconut. I love coconut juice as well. A cold coconut juice in the summertime when the sun is shining is just heavenly delicious. So, when it’s summer I always think of Thailand. It’s like a symbol of summer: A land of beautiful beaches, ocean, islands, good food, and smile. There’s no wonder why Thailand is such a popular holiday destination for tourists, who seek a perfect place that is like a paradise on earth to enjoy the summer sun and relax with family and friends.

I’m talking about coconut chocolate. But then all of the sudden I’m talking about Thailand instead because of the coconut. It links the coconut chocolate bar to Thailand to a certain degree. I think, maybe I begin to miss Thailand. That’s why. I miss everything about Thailand, the sun, the beach, palm trees, sunset, rainforest, waterfall, jungle, mountain, primitive villages, and so forth. Especially, the rainforest, waterfall, and villages I love it. I like to explore the unknown and nature. It’s something I am passionate about. So, next time I go to Thailand I will, for sure, go visit the villages and see how people live, jungle, and waterfall. Then I will write about it on my blog. That would be an exciting journey. I can’t wait to start soon, hopefully.

coconut chocolate

My favourite chocolate.

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blog post

This is how my blog post will look like in your email. You get the full blog post in the email. So, pretty good, huh?

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Summer Festival

I love rock music. I was used to listening to lots of rock music, or any genres of music in general, in my 20s. I went to lots of different festivals and gigs as well. It was an incredible experience, indeed, having been to the festivals. It was totally different than when you go to a concert: People go wild at the festival. You listen to music, eat, and sleep there. You get to drink all day and all night long as well. When I was at the festival I didn’t sleep at all. Well, a little. Me and my friends, we had a lot of fun, listening to music, walking around the festival, being silly, eating all kinds of food, visiting friends from tent to tent, buying clothes, and so on. It was too fun an experience words can’t describe it.

My first concert ever must be with the Scorpion. It was amazing. I love them. It’s a cool band. I haven’t been to a concert for a while now. Maybe, I’m getting old. I don’t know. I just don’t feel like to. So many young people getting drunk and shouting. I want to avoid that. But I still want to go to gig anyway – to regain my youth through music. So maybe this summer I will go check some festivals out.

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Orange is Good For Skin

I eat a lot of orange. I eat it as a breakfast, snack, and dessert. It tastes so refreshing. Orange is very healthy, and I think everybody already knows that. So, I will not talk about how good it is. But, on top of what it already does to us as we all know I have discovered that it gives my skin more smooth, like a baby skin. My hair is also very shiny and strong. It really works. It’s much better than a balsam. Every time I eat about a couple of oranges I will try to notice my face and my hair to see if anything changes, and it does change to a certain degree. And now I am running out of orange again. It’s my favourite fruit. So even though, I have bought a lot of different fruits, but orange is always the one that is finished before the other fruits. Next time I will buy plenty of them. I will also buy an orange juice maker because I like drinking orange juice in the morning. But I don’t like buying it from the supermarket because they put too much sugar in it. It’s just so refreshing drinking cold, fresh orange juice in the morning. Well, this weekend I will go do some shopping, then I will, perhaps, look for an orange juice machine as well.


Lovely orange for snack or dessert.

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Noodle Soup For Lunch

I make a noodle soup for my lunch today. It’s so good! It looks good too. I think about when I was in Thailand there were street vendors and small restaurants selling noodle soups everywhere. People have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and as a late night meal. People don’t make noodle soup at home because it is easier to buy takeaway, or have it at the restaurant. The real recipe for noodle soup takes time and preparation. So, it is not worth it to make it yourself. It’s quick & yummy to buy from a street hawker instead. So, Thai people don’t really want to go through that hardship to make it themselves. In Thailand, you can typically buy noodle soups in small restaurants, or at the market in which there are many small stalls selling goods and foods, but not in a real restaurant or fine dining restaurant because it is not a real Thai food: It’s Chinese food. Maybe some restaurants start doing it, but not something you see in every restaurant. The same in the UK, some Thai restaurants here also sell noodle soups, and some don’t.

Thai vegetable

Morning glory vegetable for my noodle soup. Some say it’s good for your eyes.

I love noodle soup very much and I live in UK, so I can’t go to a Thai market to buy noodle soup, or go to Thai / Chinese restaurant to buy it. I then have to make it myself. But, it’s simple anyway to make – just a quick way to make it. It won’t taste as good as the real recipe, which takes long time to make, but it’s okay anyway.

I just boil the water in medium pot, when the water is boiling I add chopped morning glory and boil it for about 1-2 minutes only, drain, put the vegetable in a big bowl ready. In the meantime, I let the vermicelli noodles soak in boiling water for about 4-5 minutes.

Then I boil the water in an another medium pot with chicken stock in it. When the water is boiling I add the beef, seasoning sauce, and light soy sauce, continue to cook until the meat is done. Turn off the heat. Drain the noodles and place it in a bowl where the morning glory is already in there. Then add the soup I have just cooked on top of it, seasoning it with fried garlic in oil, ground chili, sugar, and  pickled chili. Then my lunch is ready!

noodle soup

My homemade noodle soup is ready!

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Everyday Noodles

I like noodles. So, when I go to Thai / Chinese shop I have to buy lots and lots of noodles and store it in my kitchen drawer. It’s just very convenient to make a dish out of it. I can just cook some meat and vegetables and add it to the warm noodles, and that’s it. I then have a delicious meal in no time at all. Sometimes, I don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. I would rather use the time to something else useful. And the noodle dish is my true hero when I need something super quick. Even I store it a lot at once, but it disappears very fast since when I see it I will eat it almost every day, partly to save time, and partly because it’s yummy – always!

Now I know what I will make for my lunch today. I will not tell you now. I will surprise you later. I have a very tasty recipe with rice noodles in mind for my lunch :). I will make it as close to the one they have in Thailand as possible.

rice noodles

My yummy noodles in the kitchen drawer.

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Joyful Birds Singing in The Morning

I was being woken up around 5:30 am this morning by those disordered sounds of the birds singing. The uninformed chatter was just so loud that I had to get up. I normally don’t wake up this early. Well, I did beforetime, but not any more. The bird is my effective alarm clock, indeed. One of the things I love standing up early is that I get to hear the joyful birds singing in the morning. There is nothing like hearing those cheerful voices from the nature at dawn. It’s such a beautiful experience.

Even though I had the windows closed, but the birds’ songs managed to penetrate into the flat anyway. So, it was that loud. Think if I opened the windows it would be even louder. I have never heard them sing so loudly before. I think, they enjoy the Spring that’s why. The trees look so beautiful now with the baby leaves coming out. So the birds just celebrate the Spring.

I love and appreciate nature every single day because of the fact that what it has given to us, human beings and animals. Every life on this earth can’t live without the green, water, fruits, and everything that is necessarily for survival. Our existence depends pretty much on nature. So I hope, we will all take good care of the nature as much as we can.

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Fashion Business

I have been out all day again today. I have taken some nice photos of London home. Every time I go out I have to take some pictures home. It’s a shame to go out and don’t take pictures of London. So, I always remember to take some photos home – to remind myself where I have been on a given day. I have been around Spitalfields today. There’s not a lot of people today. Maybe the weather wasn’t good. This whole week the weather is not going to look that great.

And maybe, it is a weekday today. So, if I go back there in the weekend I will see more people. Spitalfields is always full of people during weekends. So, this weekend I will try to go back there again. I love going to Spitalfields. There are lots of cool clothes shop I can get some inspirations. I have heard that many big designers have started from there. And I could see for myself today that there were some small stalls selling their own designer goods, such as bags, clothes, jewelries. Later on, they might become something big when they get noticed, as the previous designers did.

I like talking to the vendors at the stalls and asking them where they get their goods from, did they make it themselves, or import, and so on. It’s fun to chat with people in the business I want to be in since we are talking about the same things we are passionate about. So, if this week I don’t go to Spitalfields I might go to other markets instead. There are lots and lots of markets in and around London. So, there are many places I can go to and gain some more knowledge in the business.








2014-04-22 15.45.40


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Yogurt For Younger Looking Skin

I like having yogurt in the morning. I love the exotic taste of it. It makes me think of sunshine, summer, beach, ocean, sand, palm trees, and the like. So I always buy yogurt in a variety of flavors, such as coconut, peach & mango, strawberry, vanilla. It tastes so refreshing in the morning, which is good when you just stand up and want something energizing to wake you up – to get you out of the bed. And a cold yogurt can do just that. I was used to drinking coffee as soon as I wake up, but now since I no longer drink coffee I have yogurt instead for my breakfast. Yogurt is more healthier than coffee, in my opinion. Yogurt is good for your body. I have read somewhere that yogurt keeps your skin look younger. And that’s why people from the countries that eat yogurt regularly have nice skin, and look young and beautiful. The same with green tea. Green tea also makes you look younger. So, I must eat yogurt every day and drink green tea every day too to achieve a younger looking skin.

coconut yogurt

 I love coconut yogurt. So exotic.

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What I Want to do in Life

There are many things I want to do in my life. Life is full of fun and possibility. And I want to utilize it to the fullest. By writing my thought down I can clearly see where I am heading. So here are 10 things I wish and want to do:

  1. I want to travel around the world.
  2. I want to buy a nice house.
  3. I want a good, faithful, loving partner.
  4. I want to have many good friends, who I can trust.
  5. I want to buy a nice car.
  6. I want to have a successful business.
  7. I want to publish a book.
  8. I want to become a well-known actress.
  9. I want to go to acting school.
  10. I want to keep writing my blog for as long as possible.

What’s yours?


I took this photo in Green Park, London, about a couple of years ago.

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