Beautiful Life

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I’m watching “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” on the telly and eating yogurt. Then after this, “The Transporter” is next with Jason Statham, one of my favourite actors. Look forward to it! He makes me feel like taking martial art class. He makes it look so easy. I had attended a martial art lesson before about a couple of years ago. But I burnt my hand a little bit when I tried to make my scented candles. So I had to take a break, until my scars are healed. Now they have been healed a long time ago. But then I forgot to start my martial art class again. But I will soon. But I’m not sure about I want to join a martial art class or yoga class, or both. Maybe that would be too much. So I might have to start with either one of them first. And see how it goes.

I forgot to buy some dessert. So I have to resort to yoghurt instead. It’s healthy anyway. Better than all the sweet, cake, candy, etc. with lots of sugar. I try to eat various fruits and vegetables daily. Since I start using my own handmade cosmetics I become more aware of my health, body, and well-being. I want to live a harmonious life by using natural skin care that I make myself and eating healthily. That these two principles go hand in hand. Using natural beauty products doesn’t help much if you don’t live a healthy lifestyle, too. So by using natural skin care, I also begin to think more of how I live, what I eat, how I feel, my lifestyle, and so on. It really encourages me to start taking good care of myself, my life & soul. So it’s not just a product that I use. It’s a real motivation and inspiration to live healthier life. I am glad that I have found a new way of living that is more beautiful, happy, and healthy.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off movie

Natural Skin Care

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I just made my own natural skin care which are face mask, face oil, and body oil this morning, for my own use. And I have lots of acne on my chin. So, I formulated face oil for acne as well. It’s not just for acne. It’s also for pimples, scars, spots, wrinkles, damaged skin, and many other skin problems. So, it’s a face oil for most of skin problems, face oil for younger looking skin, and an anti-aging face oil. All in just one bottle.

I did make and use it before which did help me. But then when I saw my acne, pimples, fine lines, and the like were all gone I stopped using it, and began to use normal day cream instead. I forgot that even though all my skin problems are gone after using my face oil for just about a couple of weeks, I still have to continue to use it, to protect my skin, and to prevent those acne, pimples, wrinkles, and more from coming back. So now, they are coming back. Then I have to start all over again. But never mind. It will take me about two weeks to clear them again. Then this time, I won’t stop using it.

My face mask, which made from natural green clay from France, also helps to withdraw impurities from the skin, and makes my skin look clean & clear. I will use it twice a week. Face mask is very important to use weekly, to deep clean your skin that normal face wash can’t. My skin feels so soft, smooth, clean & clear – and looks young & radiant after using it. So, I have to keep using it every week, to maintain the health of my skin.

Oh, I almost forgot, I had also made hair oil, as a hair vitamin, for softer hair. I have very long hair. Therefore I want to take good care of it. So it will always look healthy and strong since long hair needs extra care. And I like to have long hair. Then it’s my duty to maintain its health as much as I can. I also eat healthy food and fruits, to get some more vitamins from nature, to help protect my hair and skin, including my health. I think true beauty is when you feel beautiful inside and out. It’s as simple as that.

Watch my video below how I apply my face mask, and how my skin looks and feels after:

Designing My Food Website

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Coffee is the first thing I have to have when I get up to kick start my day. I will begin to design my food website to day. I really hope, I could finish it today. It will have lots of features in there. So, I might not finish the whole thing today. But I will try my best. Right now, I just drink my coffee and stay calm, planning how my website would look?, what should be in there?, what features should it have?, what would you benefit from it?, and many more. I want it to be a go-to place for Thai food, Thai cooking, Thai recipes, and Thailand as well, perhaps. Of course, if you love Thai food, you will, probably, be interested in Thailand and Thai culture, too. It will be a useful site, packed with vital info about Thai cuisine and Thailand in general. So excited to finish building the website!

Designing a website is also my hobby. I had studied computer and website design, as soon as the internet began to rule the world. But, I don’t really use it as a profession. I just use my computer skills to build and design my own websites. And that’s it.


Private Thai Cooking Class in London

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I am going to provide private Thai Cooking Class in London soon. As soon as my Thai cooking website is done, you can start booking your cooking class with me. I like good food & cooking. So I want to teach people how to cook simple, delicious Thai food for themselves, loved ones, family, friends, etc. It’s super fun and enjoyable being able to cook the dishes you like yourself like a pro. And they are also healthy, not just delicious. I am working on building my other website to be my Thai Food website at the moment. Hopefully, I could finish it tomorrow. So, if you’re interested in learning how to cook simple, tasty Thai food you can join my Thai food club by scanning the QR code below, to add your mobile to my list. And you will receive 20% off your first booking by text. Fast & simple! No email needed to join my club. On top of the 20% off your first booking, by joining my Thai food club with your mobile, you will also receive updates, news, promotions, discounts, participate in contests, and many more! How’s that? Just scan the QR code below with your mobile and wait to see the magic:QR codeI am not only provide private Thai cooking class, I am also working on my first Thai cookbook, which I hope I will finish it soon. It will be a book that is packed with easy, step-by-step instructions Thai recipes. So you can follow them easily, no complicated recipes, no long lists of ingredients. I just try to keep everything simple as much as possible. And some ingredients can be omitted or substituted, and the dishes will still taste good, and still very much authentic. I know, some dishes when you don’t use the exact ingredients as the original recipes they might not taste as good as they should be. But believe me. I have tried and tested all recipes that I put in my Thai cookbook many times. So I can assure you that in my Thai recipes, you can create superb Thai dishes with minimal ingredients and effort, or slightly different ingredients than the originals, and the dishes will still taste divine.

thai rice chicken
Khao Man Gai (Thai Rice Chicken)

I struggled myself when I first came to Europe. I didn’t know how to cook proper Thai food. Yes, I did help my mum and sisters in the kitchen almost every day when I was young. But I never really got a chance to perform the cooking on my own. So when I first came to Europe, I had to learn to cook Thai food on my own since it’s expensive to go to Thai restaurant every day. And that time, when I just came to Europe, there was just a few Thai restaurants. So I did not have many choices. Also, I don’t like buying food. I like doing my own cooking. So I know what’s in it, how it’s being made, where all the ingredients and produce are coming from, and the like. So I taught myself to cook as soon as I arrived in Europe by reading lots of Thai cookbooks that my family sent me. There was no internet yet at that time. So I could not buy Thai cookbooks online or on Amazon, or search the internet for Thai recipes. So the only way to learn Thai cooking for me was to get sent some Thai cookbooks from Thailand directly, and to ask my mum and sisters on the phone how to cook the dishes I like. Even though, it was a little bit inconvenient that I had to wait long time for the posts to arrive from Thailand to get my Thai cookbooks, but I managed to teach myself to cook tasty Thai food once I got the books. Then I just tried and tested by cooking for myself every day. So I know what ingredients I could use instead if I could not find them anywhere. Or, I could completely exclude some of them without changing the original taste that much. So with many years of trials and fails, I know exactly that you can cook delicious Thai food the simple way. Thai food is about experimenting and balancing the flavours the way you like it, and have fun.

prawn spring roll
Fresh Spring Roll

Fresh Spring Roll Recipe

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I like cooking fresh food for myself. It’s one of the most enjoyable times that I value. In fact, I do cook for myself every day. Even though I am single, I still cook for myself daily. I don’t need fast food. Maybe, only when I go out. Otherwise, I like to cook good, fresh food for myself. Then I know it’s fresh since I know what I put in it, what types of ingredients I use, where I shop my produce, and so on. It gives me a peace of mind, enjoy fresh food, and be proud of myself, of my own masterpiece. That’s a feeling everyone has when you cook quality food for yourself. It’s a little happiness but vital in terms of health. Healthy food is when you make it yourself using quality ingredients and produce, no MSG or preservatives.

So today, I have a very fresh recipe to share with you which is Vietnamese inspired fresh spring roll. It’s so simple to make. You can prepare it in no time at all. And all of the ingredients you can buy anywhere, except for the rice paper to wrap it. You might be able to find it in some Indian shops near you or even supermarkets. But otherwise, you will have to go to Thai / Chinese shops, for instance.

rice paper wrappers

Ok, let’s look at the ingredients (I do not specify the quantity of each ingredient since the quantity of it depends on how many people you’re going to make it for):

  • Prawns
  • Chicken breasts, chopped into strips
  • Vermicelli noodles
  • Rice paper
  • Salad
  • Spring onion, cut into long pieces
  • Sweet basil
  • Mint


  1. Blanch the prawns, and let them cool down.
  2. Soak the vermicelli noodles in hot boiling water for just a minute. Then blanch them for just a minute as well, drain, and let them cool down.
  3. Stir-fry the chickens with little oil, add some soy sauce to give it a taste (optional). Stir-fry them until they are cooked through. Transfer them to a bowl, let them cool down.
  4. Add some water in a large bowl, dip the rice paper in it to wet it, then let it rest on a plate or chopping block for a minute.
  5. Then begin to layer the fillings with the salad at the bottom first, other vegetables, noodles, and the chicken and prawn on the top (don’t overfill it, otherwise the roll will break), fold the salad at the bottom over the fillings, hold the fillings tightly and roll over a couple of times, fold both sides in towards the center and finish rolling up the wrapper. Continue the same until you’re done.
  6. Serve it with sweet chilli sauce. Garnish and enjoy!

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The image below showing you the easy step-by-step instructions:

Vietnamese inspired spring roll

fresh spring roll

Reading A Game of Thrones 

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I bought A Game of Thrones book about a couple of weeks ago, but have not read it yet. So tonight’s the night! I have never watched the series on the telly since I don’ have cable tv. And I don’t need it. But since everyone is talking about the series so I must read the novel version instead. And sometimes, the book version is better than the film version since it’s based on novel anyway. So, maybe it’s better to start with the original content first. Then if I liked it I might find the way to watch the series later. So excited to read it tonight. I’m always excited to read a good book, to feed my imagination, to explore new world, and to be entertained. I had also bought new light bulbs for the light above my bed earlier today. So I can read and can continue to work on my novel at night as well. I have never read a fantasy book before. Well, maybe when I was young reading children books and stuff like that. But, as a grown-up, I have never touched a fantasy book. Not even Harry Potter. I had also bought Harry Potter, but have not read it yet either. When I was a kid, I read more than I do now. Maybe because I had to go to school. So I had to read lots of books anyway. Now, I have no reason to read a book. Only if I feel like to or have time. So now, I want to read some more. I will read whenever I have the opportunity to do so. 

a game of thrones a game of thrones novel

I Love Music

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Sometimes, when I feel my mind is blocked I listen to music. It just cheers me totally up and gives me new energy. It’s like magic how music can improve your creativity and mental health. Water and music should be some kinds of medicines to cure people with depression and the like. Not that I have a depression that’s why I’m talking about it. But I just know that music is also a form of therapy that can help lift up your mood, make you feel better and relaxed. And that’s why when you go to a spa, you relax because of the silence and the calm music that is playing in the background.

So for me, I can never get depression because I listen to music a lot. And I also go out a lot. I am always somewhere, experiencing something new. And I always ignore negative things. If some people do not like me I ignore them. I can’t make everyone to like me. Period. I just don’t let negative energy affect me. I choose to be happy. I choose to see the best thing in people, or, the best aspect of things. Everyone has a choice. So you decide your own destiny. Your happiness is in your hands. You can’t control others. But you can control your own life. You can’t blame people for not making you happy. Even though they try to bring you down, just stand up for yourself or walk away. I never argue with negative people. I just think, it doesn’t do me any good anyway. Arguing with pessimistic people only drains my energy. They don’t know me like I do. So what’s the point to force them to like me? It doesn’t mean they hate me, then I have to hate them back. I just feel sorry for people who tend to see the worst aspect of things.

A Writer

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I woke up today with so much energy to continue to work on my novel. I think, this is what I really wanted to do my whole life: Being a writer and publishing my own books. I feel so relieved to, finally, realise my real dream, and go for it! Now I can fully work on making it come true. I love telling stories. So, why not do it officially? And publishing my own novels would be an excellent way to share my passion for story telling to the world.

I like reading books myself. I read all kinds of books indiscriminately. I remember when I was young, my brother was always away. So, when he’s away he locked his room, so no one could come into his room. And he loved reading so much. So his room was full of comic books, novels, old newspapers, magazines, and the like. I think, he filled his room with only books. There were piles of books here and there in his room, and even more in the cardboard boxes under his desk, bed, in his wardrobe, etc.

So, when he was away one day, my other big brother broke into his room to steal his comicbooks because he wanted to read them himself, and also to give them to me as well. So I could read them, or just flip through them, to see the pictures. Because, at that time, I was like 5-6 years old, or 7. I was still very young, and just started to go to school. So, I could read a little bit. And I love cartoons. So when I saw lots of comics in my brother’s room I went crazy. It’s like I had found a pile of candies. And the first comic I got my hands on was star wars. I think it was around that time when the first star wars movie came out. I read through it. And I found it very captivating. I really thought, there is, actually, a princess out there in the universe. What can I say, I was only a little girl, after all. So star wars was my favorite of all comic magazines I had found in my brother’s room. It’s just so different. It simply introduced me to the science world. And I think that when I began to be interested in science: The Milky Way, the galaxy, the planet, the stars, and so on.

I think, reading really helps you relax, escape from the troubles, chaos, etc. even just for a short time. So you can renew your energy. It also feeds your brain. I learn new things from just reading books alone. Of course, you can’t believe everything you read. Well, I just use my common sense.

Now, I will continue to work on my novel. So, excited!


Clothesmaking And Novel

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I have been busy with my clothesmaking and writing a novel lately. So, I did not blog for about a week. Or to be precise, I had not touched my laptop at all for the past week, so that I could concentrate on my projects 100%. I’m figuring out, if I could spend time to write 4-5 blog posts a day I could instead use that time to write a whole chapter of a novel. And that what I did this morning, writing the first chapter of my novel, as soon as I stood up. I did manage to write half a chapter, though, because I had some important thing to do. So, I just got home about an hour ago.

beautiful print top

A top that also can be used as a skirt, which I just made it yesterday.

I did finish the first chapter of my novel about a couple of months ago. But, after I had reread it, I did not like the story anyway. So I needed to rewrite the whole thing again, re-make the plot, choose the genre, and so on. After two months away from writing the novel, my mind is fresh again. And this time, I think, I like the story. So, I will hold on to that. Then I will give it 200%. I have a good feeling about this new story. And that’s why I wrote and wrote it this whole morning. I really look forward to waking up every day to continue to write. This time it feels so right. I think, I am on the right track, finally.

elasticated summer skirt

You can also wear it as a skirt. Very useful.

At the same time, I also sew my own fashion clothes, which I will be selling on my other website, So, half day I sew, and another half day I write. I don’t know about it will be too much or not? I will try to do both a little bit more. If it’s too much I will have to choose to focus on just one thing at a time. I will find out which one I will select, maybe next week, if I could not do both.

off the shoulder top

And that’s why, I leave my other website under construction for now since I don’t know yet what type of website it’s going to be: Online fashion store or a writer website. I could also put a newsletter box up for people to sign up in the meantime. But since I am not sure yet what type of business it’s going to be, then I can’t put a newsletter signup box up just yet. I don’t know to ask people to subscribe to what? I need some more time to decide.

boho top


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I like going out, window-shopping, looking for new inspirations, walking around, sitting in a cafe having a cup of good coffee and watching people passing by, and so on. All in all, I like to see how the world lives. Life is too short, to just stay home and be bored. I know, I have to stay home and sew. But sometimes, I need to go out and experience something new. So some days, I just stay home and constantly make clothes. And some days, I will do nothing but go out and enjoy my life. I like living life to the fullest. The world is an exciting place to be. And it would be such ashamed not to explore it to a great degree. I am not afraid of getting out of my comfort zone. For me, every day is not the same. There will always be something new and better to learn, see, and travel over. So, I try to make the most out of life as much as I can. I like to look for ways to make myself happy. Being positive already makes me happy. And that’s how I see things. Everything is possible for me. I just look at it this way: If I cannot make myself happy, no one can. OMG, I feel good already!

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