Salmon With Mushroom And Asparagus

I make a simple dinner for myself today which is fried salmon with mushroom and asparagus. That’s it. It tastes delicious! Sometimes something so simple tastes surprisingly yummy. I like fish, but it’s a shame that I do not eat it more often. So from now on I will have it at least 2-3 days a week. And the only fish I always eat is salmon. I think, I will have to try other kinds of fish as well – not just salmon. I don’t even know what other fishes taste like? When I think about fish I think about salmon. I love seafood, not just fish. I like, for example, shrimp, oyster, squid. I remember, when I was in Thailand I ate seafood almost every day because it is so easy to find a restaurant selling seafood, and it’s affordable since Thailand is surrounded by the ocean. So, we eat fish and seafood as much as we eat chicken meat, pork meat, etc. I prefer eating seafood instead of, for example, beef because it is lighter. Beef is too heavy for me; my stomach can’t really take it. Next time I might make fried squid in Thai style, or squid salad, or oyster. Just the thought of all the yummy seafood dishes from Thai recipes I want to make makes me salivate.


A Day in London

I have got some amazing photos from London to share with you again today. This time from around Westminster and King’s Road. It’s a beautiful day. I wanted to go inside the National Gallery which is an art museum on Trafalgar Square in London, but then I would save it for next time instead which I would dedicate my whole day just for museum visit. Today, I just wanted to take some nice photos around the Westminster, which I have never actually walked around the entire area and explored it. So, today is the day. Well, I have been to London Eye and Big Ben before, but it was very brief, and that’s it. So, it was good today that I finally took my time to walk around the Westminster like a tourist, taking picture of this and that. And there wasn’t a lot of sun this afternoon which was ideal for strolling around, otherwise I think I wouldn’t be able to walk around that long. It would be too hot, then I would have to run after water all the time. Well, prepare yourself for lots and lots of beautiful photos below :)


IMG_0954 IMG_0947


IMG_0916 IMG_0920 IMG_0923 IMG_0935 IMG_0936 IMG_0940 IMG_0941 IMG_0957 IMG_0958

buppha IMG_0959 IMG_0968 IMG_0970

IMG_0896 IMG_0900 IMG_0901 IMG_0906

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The Beauty in The Park

I love to share something beautiful, especially pictures of nature such as flowers, trees, birds, ocean, sand, beaches. And I still have those amazing photos from Hyde Park in London which I took some months ago. I had posted the photos on my last blog which I deleted it not long ago. So I think I should share them again. They are lovely pictures from the park. If you love nature you will love these images. Enjoy!








The Selfie Phenomenon

People like taking selfie photo nowadays and post it on instagram, twitter, and so on. It’s fun and convenient. Sometimes, we can’t always ask somebody else to take photo of us all the time (people get annoyed sometimes). And what if we want a photo right here right now when we’re cooking, eating, hanging out with friends, lying lazily in bed, etc. – to post on facebook, twitter, instagram, and many other social networking sites, then we must take a photo of ourselves with our mobile phones. It’s just so handy and easy to be able to just take a picture of yourself whenever you want it to share on the social networking sites. It’s at the same time fun. Who would have guessed that something so simple as taking a picture of yourself with a cell phone can be so popular today. Maybe we are just bored. We have to find a new way to have fun, to share, to socialize, and so forth. So, what’s next we are going to invent? I like seeing new inventions. It’s exciting to see what people can come up with next. Is there anything more cool than selfie?


Healthy Living

We consume dangerous stuff on a daily basis. Instead of water, people drink juice, coca cola, coffee (I have already stopped drinking coffee completely), and many other soft drinks which contain lots of sugar and artificial stuff, which is not good for the body. We also eat lots of fat food, such as steak with lots of fat in it, butter. So, it’s very easy to have diabetes today because of all the sweet temptations out there.

Consequently, I try to cut down on sugar and fat. It’s just not good for my health. So, I have to be careful. So today I have gathered all the sweet stuff I can find in my kitchen and throw them away, finally! They are, for example, nutella, mayonnaise, whipped cream. I really do have to get rid of them since they’re not going to do me any good but harm. It’s a suicide eating them on a daily basis. Soon or later, I will succumb to them.

It’s such a relief having thrown them away. Now they are no longer in my way of becoming a healthy person. Tomorrow, I will go do some shopping in which I will buy some healthy food, such as vegetables, chicken, turkey, fruits. I will buy everything that is fat-free and sugar-free. If I want something sweet I will eat fruit instead, but not cake, candy, and the like.

Then I will cook healthy food for myself every day. No more ready-made food. If I really can’t avoid fast food, then I just eat it less often. I will eat more fruits and vegetables daily. I have to start taking care of my body and health before it’s too late. It will also make me feel good about myself when I know I live a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, I will walk around and feel guilty that I can’t take good care of my own body.

Many have given in to diabetes nowadays. And I must say, I’m scared of it. Not that I’m having it myself. But, I have to do whatever I can to prevent it before it gets me, by that time it might be too late to cure it. So, a healthier living would be the best method to avoid diabetes and other sicknesses. I will also enroll myself in the gym, and I will go to the gym 3-4 times a week – to keep myself fit. So yes, I am happy that I have decided to do something about it before it’s too late.

fat foods

Bad foods!

Natural Energy

When I stand up in the morning I like to roll up the curtains right away to let the dawn’s light in. Then open my kitchen’s window to exchange the airs: Get the new, fresh air in, and out with the old one. Then my flat will be filled up with natural light and refreshing air. The soft light penetrates into the flat, embellishing the joyful morning. I feel so energetic seeing a bright daylight, and start visualizing all the possibilities waiting ahead of me.

It’s a lot what light can do to us and the way we think. So, it really has a positive impact on us because it makes us feel active, and makes us think about all the good things we could do in our lives and futures. It also brings joy, hope, happiness, energy, positiveness, and the like into our lives and souls. And that’s why summer is the time everybody is waiting for.

Yes, we are waiting for the summer sun. So we could go out and have fun, enjoy the sunshine, sunbathe, go to the beach, shop new summer clothes, go to park, travel, and so on. It’s like a celebration that the summer has finally arrived, so we have to do something to celebrate. Even we are just sitting in a backyard and enjoying a cold drink and sunbathing at the same time is also a form of celebration. It’s anyway joyful – just relax under the sun.

The sunlight makes us happy, and every day is a good day. Therefore, for me, my flat has to be filled with lots of daylight. I can’t imagine myself living in a dim room or flat. I would feel depressed. And I can’t think of anything good. It’s like the dark room blocks my creativity and energy. So, my flat has to be airy and transparent as much as possible. I like to keep thing simple. I don’t like too many things in my place that could obstruct the light and my productivity.

And today is a very sunny day. I would love to go out for a walk. But I have got lots of things to do. I might go out later. let’s see what happens.


My Childhood’s Dreams

Beside writing blog, I also have an another hobby which is acting. I love acting since I was young. I remember participating in many school plays, including writing and reading poetry. I even won a prize at school for best poem reading, and an another prize for best short story writing. So I already knew as a young age where my passion is. And that passion is still with me till today.

It is fun, acting: You get a chance to be as creative as you like, and telling a story through a character. It’s a whole different experience. It gives so much joy and reward being an actor – not just money. It’s actually not about money at all. Money is something that comes as a bonus. I think many actors want to become an actor in the first place because they like it – not because they expect that one day they will become famous and make a lot of money since no one knows how their future is going to be.

But again, when you are in the entertainment industry you will have to do whatever you can to be seen and discovered, otherwise there will be no jobs for you as an actor since the competition in this industry is quite tough. Sometimes you need to take a small role and hope that the time you have been waiting for has finally arrived, this is it, someone is going to discover your talent at long last, and you are on your way to become a star.

That is, certainly, the hope of every aspiring actor and actress in this industry, waiting for the right moment to come – yes, to be discovered. Some are lucky that their lives have turned upside down – from an unknown extra to a movie star in just overnight. And some are not. And that is how it is. It’s like, it is about a matter of luck. You will never know what will happen next. You are just waiting for that moment to happen as soon as possible. So you can work as a full time actor, do what you love the most, and be proud of your accomplishment. Your dreams have now come true.

ian somerhalder

Taking picture with Ian Somerhalder last year.